*Chomp chomp chomp* “What you reading for?”

If this was an academic undertaking, convention would dictate the inclusion of some kind of statement of purpose… the abstract if you will.

Like all good armchair activist types, I went straight for the Orwell:

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

It is both a classic – and a cliche – for a reason; but it’s (relative) antiquity precludes mention of the gradual shift in tone ‘populist’ propagandists have adopted in the ever-present quest to semantically massage hegemonic ideologies into the wider public discourse.

As identified by American historian Susan Jacoby in her excellent book ‘The Age of American Unreason’, the proliferation of ‘junk-thought’, answers that ‘sound’, when filtered through modern humanity’s rabid solipsism & suspicions, as if they might be ‘right’ – everything from the working-class apologists who both advocate for & get comprehensively screwed by fundamentalist freemarketeering; to those who actively seek (though often without disclosing their real agenda/conflict of interest) to discredit & rebuke the scientific method – makes the world safe for organised lunancy.

It is the ignorance and erosion of historical memory that make serious deceptions possible and plausible.

Or as Jim Jones, cult-leader, put it:

Those that do not remember the past  are condemned to repeat it.

The problem is, for a faceless feudal few, insistence upon repeating past insanities is the key to future prosperity… who controls the past, controls the future, who controls the present, controls the past…

If this blog can be said to have any purpose, beyond my own self-gratification, think of it as one semi-capable mammal’s feeble pushback against the ubiquity of the low-information/anti-intellectual/waffle-waitress paradigm.

‘Waffle-waitress?’ you say?

See below:


~ by whatyoureadingfor on March 18, 2010.

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